Thursday, June 9, 2011



Remember the story about Gorilla the Kookaburra who ‘whammed’ into a car and became stuck in its grille for nearly 25 hours?

Wild life experts in Brisbane reckoned Mrs Gorilla was somewhere down near the New South Wales country town of Scone waiting patiently for her mate to come home.

Well, Gorilla got a free flight home yesterday, first class in a padded cage courtesy of the local Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, local donations and the Brisbane Courier Mail.

Accompanied by a volunteer from the  RSPCA, the Kookaburra arrived in Scone yesterday and quickly released close to the spot where he made contact with the car driven by Bruce Wham of Wollongong.

Gorilla and RSPCA volunteer Leonie Richard
When last seen, Gorilla had flown to the branch of a tree, took a look around  and then flew off into the bush. 

‘He seemed to know where he was going’, said the RSPCA spokesman.

Off course he did – he’s an Aussie bird after all.