Tuesday, June 28, 2011



I’m not a very disciplined writer, one look at my work desk will tell you that, and sometimes when I post an intention to write next about a stated subject, other more pressing stories intrude.

          Right now the past seems hell bent on taking over my computer, my fingers and my mind.  My Quaker families have been tracked, their journey from way back to now revealed and told, but along the way I came across some unforgettable and compelling side stories.  Stories that insist on being told.

          They all touch in one way or another on the Quakers from my past, small vignettes that are nevertheless part of the bigger picture.

          So for now, I’ll leave you with a brief preview of more up to date stories about my beloved Stradbroke Island...

Just one of Straddie's precious little residents...
They will be stories about some of the women and men who live and work here, and one will be about a young woman called Romaine from France whose dedicated work researching the koala colonies of Stradbroke Island has shown some surprising and encouraging results.

Her story and that of the tiny, furry little bundle in the photograph will feature very soon...I promise!

My next story though will be about the three young women from Virginia who published an underground newspaper for Union troops during the American Civil War. Like my Quakers they too are distant kin.

Next:  Lida, Lizzie and Sarah – the Dutton connection.

Robyn Mortimer ©2011