Monday, January 17, 2011


                                PLEASE GOD,  I THINK WE'VE HAD ENOUGH NOW...

Just when you think your country has suffered enough natural disasters along comes another one.  But this time it is flooding on a grand scale. 

After years of drought the heavens opened and it rained, not just ordinary showers, but constant deluge, week after week.  As a nation we saw our outback turned into inland seas, farming and grazing land transformed into quagmires.

None of us complained, even those cleaning out their homes and businesses for possibly the second or third time in the space of a month; the spectre of drought and empty dams had hung over each and every one of us for far too long.

But goodness gracious 'Huey' up there somewhere directing rain clouds and downpours, lighten up!  We've had enough.  Return to moderation please.

I guess we shouldn't complain though, all of you in countries around the world are going through your own private and public hell.  Tsunami, earthquake, snow, sleet and fire.  It seems endless though doesn't it. 

That Straddie story I posted last year needs updating.  No, we on the island haven't been directly affected by the current floods, like you we've followed the horror stories on the TV.  But like the previous story, the current images emerging from Toowoomba for instance, where the inland tsunami caused havoc, are both tragic and uplifting.

So I'll end this tribute to all the victims and the hero's of Floods 2011 with these one in a lifetime shots of six shell shocked (otherwise believe me they wouldn't be perched there so calmly!) wallabies being taken to safety.

This photograph, Rescue on Lake Burrendong,  featured in daily papers.


Next blogs will be back to the Saga of Maggie and ChasBert...Fiji to New Zealand.