Tuesday, February 22, 2011



(Shamelessly purloined from a story by reporter Robert Craddock in the Brisbane Courier Mail of  21/02/2011...)

You probably remember my post about Barney the Brave Brahmin Bull that survived his   87 kilometre swim down the Tweed River during the 2008 floods.

  I hate to be the one to break the news to Barney, but he’s been upstaged... by a girl!

Yes, sad but true.  His marathon effort has been well and truly gazumped by Danette, the flashing eyed, captivating blonde bombshell from country Lowood in the Brisbane Valley.

Brisbane’s Courier Mail broke this story in yesterday’s paper...

Beautiful, blonde Danette is a Murray Grey who won third prize at the Brisbane Ekka last year; yep she’s a show cow and obviously a well travelled lady.  When the chips were down she wasn’t going to let a raging flood dictate travel terms to her.

When the recent devastating flood waters swept through the small property owned by Veronica Nutley in the Brisbane Valley, Danette and seven of her lady friends were carried off in the torrent.

Three days later Danette was found bobbing about at the mouth of the Brisbane River, 95 kilometres from home.  In those three days she dodged swirling currents, sunken debris, and even sharks.

Bemused Council workers who used her ear tag to contact Veronica Nutley at home couldn’t work out how the Murray Grey got there in the first place. 
They thought she might have been stolen.  No? then how had she got there...’Mate’, Danette’s owner told them, ‘she swam.’

To get to Pinkenba at the mouth of the Brisbane River, Danette would have floated through Lowood into the Lockyer Creek and from there into the Brisbane River, then she would have careered through the Brisbane CBD , dodging wrecked cars, floating pontoons and worse before finally being found alive and well near Cabbage Tree Creek.

At this stage Danette’s seven girl friends have yet to surface, but give them time; unless of course they unwisely chose to follow a neighbours less astute bovine who finally found dry land at the local meatworks...